, Jamaica vs. The Bahamas, Phenomenal Place

Jamaica vs. The Bahamas

Jamaica and The Bahamas are worldly known to be two of the most highly visited countries in the Carribean,  because of its pristine and clear blue waters that makes these two countries slay the global platform in the aspects of beauty and bliss. 

A complete once in a lifetime package of experiences awaits the wandering tourist and individual who dreams to include these two nations in their travel bucket list, which ranges from amazing beaches, highly recommendable resorts, and a bounty of  sunshine are just three of the most exhilarating gifts that each tourist and individual will get in traveling either in Jamaica or The Bahamas. 

All it takes in order to reach either of these two countries is to begin his or her travel in the mainland portion of the United States. 

The intent of this article is to do a quick, easy and understandable comparative analysis on these two great countries which are truly competitive in terms of providing its tourists, guests and visitors a blast of experiences that they will never forget for a lifetime. 

The main question that you will get to answer for yourself after reading this article is: “ Which of the two countries is a perfect match for you to travel into, the Bahamas or Jamaica?” This question will be answered all throughout the article’s duration.  

A Quick Guide in Traveling to Jamaica and Bahamas 

, Jamaica vs. The Bahamas, Phenomenal Place

It is a friendly reminder for adventurous tourists and visitors who come from the Southeastern and Eastern side of the United States as a place of origin that in order to arrive safely to Jamaica or in the Bahamas, a breezy ambience awaits him or her. 

The advantage of these two countries is that they are interconnected with the two major airports of the United States. 

As an advice from tourists and visitors who have already travelled to Jamaica and Bahamas, numerous flight selections are offered for Jamaica which makes it easy for travelers who come from South America or Europe respectively. 

On the contrary, it is not a best option for tourists to take an overnight sleep at the Bahamas for the reason that the flights may vary in a point of view from the state of Miami in going to Nassau, which is approximately 45 minutes to be exact. 

As a clearer guide on the highly accessible and major airports of the two countries, here are their respective list of airports as follows: 

Jamaica’s Three Major International Airports 

, Jamaica vs. The Bahamas, Phenomenal Place
  1. Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport 

2. Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay

3. Ian Fleming International Airport in Ocho Rios

For tourists and visitors who want to head up directly to Jamaica, they prefer to fly through the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston or through the Montego Bay Sangster International Airport, respectively. Either of these two international airports may bring its passengers directly to Ocho Rios, depending on the given flight scenario. 

On the contrary, for some tourists who would want to avail touristy flights in going to Negril for example, the Montego Bay Sangster International Airport is the best option for him or her as this airport caters to direct flights in going to Canada, USA, Moscow, Russia, and Lima, Peru and even in some parts of the Carribean, respectively. 

In addition, an option of flying through Port Antonio which is the home of the world’s famous Blue Lagoon is also advisable if the tourist and visitor concerned would want to escape a large mass of people, respectively. 

The Major International Airport of the Bahamas

, Jamaica vs. The Bahamas, Phenomenal Place

Lynden Pindling International Airport is the major international airport of the Bahamas. The location of the airport is in the heart of the capital city of Nassau, New Providence Island in the Bahamas. The airport serves as a direct airport for both chartered and regular commercial flights that are across the Eastern seaboard. 

For example, if a tourist and visitor comes from New York, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, an array of choices can be selected by him or her in accordance to his or her preference and if he or she is interested in booking seasonal flights, from Boston, Montreal and Frankfurt Germany, the airport can also be his or her choice of descent and arrival. 

As an option, if the tourist and individual opt to skip Nassau, he or she can choose to fly either from the two small airports which are US Exuma International Airport or Grand Bahamas International Airport in Freeport. 

These two small airports can offer year-round flights from Miami and Atlanta to be exact and a direct connection to numerous cities in the Southeast, relatively. 

A List of Top Hotel Picks in Jamaica and Bahamas 

Jamaica and Bahamas are both luxurious and grand in terms of its hotel offers and picks intended for its prospective guests, tourists and visitors alike. 

Below is a prime list of hotels that are found in the two countries in a territorial manner as follows: 

Jamaica’s Top of the Line Hotel Accommodations 

, Jamaica vs. The Bahamas, Phenomenal Place
Hotel Riu Montego Bay

1.Hotel Riu Montego Bay 

2.Round Hill Hotel and Villas 

3.Excellence Oyster Bay 

4. Secrets St. James Montego Bay 

5. The Caves 

The common characteristics that these 5 hotels share is that every need and expectation that its prospective tourists and visitors have in mind are given, answered and realized as these five serves its purpose of being a 5-star and a world class accommodation ladened with comfort and an impression of a home away from home, in the perspective of the expectant tourist and visitor. 

The Bahamas State of the Art Hotel Accommodations

, Jamaica vs. The Bahamas, Phenomenal Place
Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort

1.Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort 

2.Breezes Resort and Spa Bahamas 

3. Paradise Island’s Hotel Riu Palace

4. Atlantis’ The Cove 

5. Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach: An All Inclusive Resort 

These top 5 hotel accommodations share a common offered package to its tourists and visitors as they aim to provide its guests with the best island and travel experience in the Bahamas that they will never forget during their lifetime, as a part of their memory lane.  

The Highly Visited Beaches in Jamaica and the Bahamas 

A tourist and traveler’s vacation is never complete without the inclusion of a day at the beach experience. Indeed, Jamaica and the Bahamas is a place to go to in terms of achieving such in the wandering guest’s bucket list. 

Below is a grand list of beaches that any visitor and tourist can choose from as he or she visits either of the two countries, separately as follows: 

Jamaica’s Top of the Line Beaches 

, Jamaica vs. The Bahamas, Phenomenal Place

1. Negril’s Seven Mile Beach 

2. Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay 

3.Turtle Beach in Ocho Rios 

4.Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio 

The common denominator of these top 4 beaches of Jamaica is that, aside from providing a sandy and watery experience to every tourist and visitor of the country, the ultimate beach experience is an assurance of these 4 beaches as a lustrous offer to its tourists and guests. 

The Bahamas Star Glitzed Beaches 

, Jamaica vs. The Bahamas, Phenomenal Place

1.Cable Beach

2. Paradise Island’s Cabbage Beach 

3. Bimini’s Radio Beach  

4.Big Major Cay Beach in Exuma

The dominant characteristic of these four beaches is that a never ending wavy experience awaits its prospective tourists and visitors in terms of its ambience and aura as naturally ladened beaches. 

Aside from such experience, each individual will get the chance to savor every moment of his or her stay in any of the four beaches as he or she is enveloped in the beach itself or in its shore, depending on his or her preference. 

The Weather in Jamaica and the Bahamas 

Jamaica and the Bahamas share a common denominator in terms of its weather. Yearly, the heat index in either of the two countries reaches from 70 or 80 in Fahrenheit during the ordinary and regular seasons and months in both countries. 

On the other hand, the variation of the two countries in terms of its weather comes such as the rainfall peaks on the island portion of Jamaica during the summer months and in the autumn season, specifically in October and November. 

In the Bahamas, the occurrence of tropical cyclones and rainfall are more relatively to transpire during the early parts of autumn and summer. Tropical storms are not that common and evident in the country, so to speak. 

A Provision of Activities in Jamaica and in the Bahamas for the Enthusiastic Traveler

The two highly competitive countries can definitely slay a good show in terms of offering its tourists an array of activities that can be of great interest to them. 

Some of these are water sports activities, nightlife activities, beach activities and most importantly, cultural activities to complete the categorical line-up. 

In terms of an all-in one package of activities and a resource of historical preservation, Jamaica is indeed a winner. On the other hand, in terms of an impressionable paradise island, the Bahamas leads at the top spot in terms of ranking. 

Below are some of the activities that can be done separately in each of the two countries as follows: 

Jamaica’s List of Places to Go and Must-Do Activities

, Jamaica vs. The Bahamas, Phenomenal Place
Dunn’s River Falls
  1. Bob Marley’s House- the home of Reggae Music. 
  2. Trenchtown Neighborhood- the home of Jamaican art.
  3. National Gallery of Jamaica- the home to the works of famous Jamaican artist, Edna Manley. 
  4. Fort Charles- the home to the 17th-century inspired History of Jamaica. 
  5. Rose Hall Great House-a haunted yet exhilarating avenue for an unforgettable adventure. 
  6. Luminous Lagoon- a gateway to an unforgettable boat ride.
  7. Dunn’s River Falls- an exciting place for an indulging dip. 

The Bahamas List of Places to Go and Must-Do Activities 

, Jamaica vs. The Bahamas, Phenomenal Place
Atlantis Resort

1.Fort Fincastle Historic Complex- the home of the 66-step Queen Staircase. 

2. Atlantis Resort- the home of the world-class aquaventure waterpark, high-end casino and scenic aquariums. 

With these highlights that are specifically categorized for each of the two countries, the choice and decision is all up to the joyful and adventurous tourist and traveler as to which country he or she will visit and tour into. 

The Bahamas and Jamaica, two of the world’s top offers in terms of adventure, world-class tourism and an earthly definition of paradise can be grasped by the tourist, traveler and visitor in the complex of his or her unwavering desire to travel.

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