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How are Paraguay and Zambia Similar?

Uniqueness and distinction are both shared terminologies and concepts that nations share all around the world in terms of the following: First, how the specific country’s people lived their lives daily; Second, how each country is viewed in a global perspective by other countries; Third,  how each country maintains an equilibrium in terms of its growth and development; and most importantly, fourth, on how each country supports other countries in terms of promoting peace, unity and resilience on a larger scale. 

Some of the countries all over the world are characterized with a great inclination of sharing similarities and commonalities alike that may sometimes root from the practices, beliefs and traditions of the past generations that has been passed on and cascaded to the present generations, most especially in the modern and contemporary society that each and every one of us lives. 

These similarities may be categorized in the aspects of Religion, Educational System, Culture, Race, Origin, Skin Color, Lifestyle, Food, form of Government and History to just to mention a few of the worldly renowned categories. 

As the older generations would emphasize, life can be of great importance and of utmost essence if a common denominator is shared within one aspect and the other, one tenet and the other and one dimension to the other, so to speak. 

In a broader sense, Paraguay and Zambia are two different countries that are geographically located and situated in the map and globe, separately. But what is surprising about these two countries is that they have a lot of things in common. 

In this article, we will be focusing our limelight on the similarities and commonalities that these two countries share in a discursive manner. Let us begin. 

A Little Background on Paraguay as a Country 

, How are Paraguay and Zambia Similar?, Phenomenal Place

Paraguay is a country that is geographically situated in between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. 

The nation is worldly known as the home of subtropical forests, Chaco, savanna and shrubland wildernesses, and most importantly of large swaths that greatly comprises the swampland, so to speak. 

The capital city of Paraguay is Asuncion, which is situated on the banks portion of the Paraguay River. 

Asuncion is known to be the home of the infamous Museo Del Barro, wherein a beautiful display of pre-Columbian ceramics and nanduti lacework can be found vividly, as well as the grand Government Palace of Paraguay. 

A Little Background on Zambia as a Country 

, How are Paraguay and Zambia Similar?, Phenomenal Place

Zambia is a country that is situated in Southern Africa wherein it features an array of rugged terrain formations, natural parks, safari areas, as well as a rich diversity of wildlife, respectively. 

The capital city of Zambia is Lusaka. On the border end portion of Zambia lies in a geographical location is the country of Zimbabwe. 

Zimbabwe is known worldly, together with Zambia, as the home of the famous Victoria Falls, wherein such falls, offers the locals of the country a misty plunge of 108m to be exact in a narrow manner gearing toward the direction of Batoka Gorge, and which is originally and indigently known in addition, as  the “Mosi-oa Tunya” or in English translation means, “Smoke that Thunders”. 

Zambia is proud to share throughout the world that as a country, its Zambezi River which is located just below the Victoria Falls Bridge is indeed a fascinating view that any eye view point of an individual will appreciate. 

The 20 Similarities and Commonalities of Paraguay and Zambia 

, How are Paraguay and Zambia Similar?, Phenomenal Place

1. Zambia and Paraguay are both worldly known as landlocked countries. A landlocked country is defined as a country that has no territory and at the same time, is not surrounded by any body of water like an ocean for example. 

2. Zambia and Paraguay share the same location as both are geographically situated in the Southern Hemisphere. 

3. Zambia and Paraguay equally share its boundaries with eight other countries as evidently manifested in the map and globe which are the following: Botswana, Angola, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zaire, Namibia and Mozambique, relatively. 

4. Both Zambia and Paraguay are heavily surrounded by land thus making these two countries free and excluded from maritime claims and coastlines, alike. 

5. Both Zambia and Paraguay share the same list of Visa requirements together with Macau, for the benefit of triple citizens that enter from one country to the other. 

6. Both Zambia and Paraguay share the same motivational initiative in terms of uplifting and promoting the betterment of their country’s educational system as these countries are open to work with partner schools that are found within the country’s itself and across other neighboring countries in the thrust of conducting workshops that will advocate for gender equality and development, respectively. 

7.Both Zambia and Paraguay are the same in terms of making a difference in their respective health sector, education sector and environmental sector as a country, in a sole perspective. 

8. Both Zambia and Paraguay are the same in terms of its citizens who practice mostly the religion of Christianity, respectively. 

9. Both Zambia and Paraguay are the same in terms of finding ways and performing initiatives in terms of boosting its Trade Flow and Economic Growth as a country, in a sole perspective. 

10. Both Zambia and Paraguay share a majestic and magnificent bounty and gift of wildlife and nature which is greatly manifested in the plant and animal life of the two countries. 

11. Both Zambia and Paraguay share common interests, initiatives and efforts in learning the English language in the perspective of its people and citizens which moves in the direction of learning the language in a paced and careful manner. 

12. Both Zambia and Paraguay practice a non-hostile approach in welcoming different religious denominations in their countries, wherein some of their citizens believe and live by word, by belief, by faith and by action. 

13. Both Zambia and Paraguay share a common denominator and pace, in terms of gearing into the direction of garnering advancements in terms of globalization, technology and communication, as a country, in a sole perspective.

14. Both Zambia and Paraguay share a common thrust in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing in terms of promoting these three means of livelihood, in the hopes of uplifting and improving the daily life status of their citizens, as a country, in a sole perspective. 

15. Both Zambia and Paraguay share the same energy resource which highly originates with the use of  hydroelectric power that makes electricity possible in the two countries respectively, in a sole perspective. 

16. Both Zambia and Paraguay greatly rely on their respective country’s  manufacturing industries, as a means of increasing its GDP or Gross Domestic Product. 

17. Both Zambia and Paraguay are the same in terms of the aspect of Finance as its financial operations as a country revolve on its state and central banks. Zambia’s central bank is the Bank of Zambia; while on the other hand, Paraguay’s state bank is the Central Bank of Paraguay, respectively. 

18. Both Zambia and Paraguay are the same in terms of its Security aspect as a country, as it utilizes both its army and air force in protecting the country’s people, its freedom and sovereignty as a nation against outside forces who aim to destruct and impede its total and widespread presence in the country respectively, and in a sole perspective. 

19. Both Zambia and Paraguay share the same equilibrium in terms of health issues and concerns that originate from tropical disease which has greatly affected the country’s people on the basis of health status. 

20. Both Zambia and Paraguay are the same in promoting their cultural diversity, art forms and its high regard of social institutions as a country, respectively and in a sole perspective.  

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