Hiking Trails, The Best Hiking Trails in the World, Phenomenal Place

The Best Hiking Trails in the World

Many demands to know why a lot of people enjoy hiking so much. What is so fun in multi-days hikes, neverending walks, and let’s not even talk about the exhaustion. And while this may be their passive selves talking, there’s really no question why people are drawn to hiking trails.

It’s nature, the fresh air, the stillness, and the peace. If you can have all of this in one place, you’d learn to love hiking too! Aside from that, the weariness from the journey all disappears in the presence of some of the Earth’s most beautiful views that can only be reached by foot. If you want to give hiking a trail, we’ve rounded up the best hiking trails in the world! 

Inca Trail, Peru

Peru’s Inca Trail leads down to the famous Machu Pichu. However, this trail is not for the faint-hearted and can be quite challenging for beginner hikers. It’s a 42-kilometer trek that requires you to hike over two 13,000-foot passes. 

The experience, on the other hand, is phenomenal. The trail is the route that ancient Incas used for over 650 years. Most of the original structure and stonework are still in place. Moreover, your hike will lead you to pass through tunnels created by the Incas, an ancient ruin, and several waterfalls. 

Inca Trail can be considered a difficult hike and usually takes 4 days to finish. Keep in mind though that the weather is unpredictable and you could be hiking in hot and humid weather or under the pouring rain. 

Hiking Trails, The Best Hiking Trails in the World, Phenomenal Place

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

If you are looking for a challenge, we have one for you. The Annapurna Circuit Trail located in Nepal brings will walk you through some of the Earth’s tallest peaks. The challenge? It’s a 17-day, 205-kilometer journey. 

The trail starts in a jungle and out above the tree line. 5,394 meters in and you’ll reach the Thorung Pass, a beautiful trail surrounded by the mountains. Another major highlight of the Annapurna Circuit hike is Poon Hill, where you’ll be able to personally see the 8 of the highest mountain peaks in the world. 

The Annapurna Circuit is a popular hiking destination, however, keep in mind its difficulty. It requires a great deal of fitness level. It’s a long walk with several high elevations on the way. It is one of those hiking trails that you need to prepare both the mind and the body.

If you are not a fan of extremely difficult and challenging hiking trails, there’s also the Annapurna Panorama Trek. This is a 3 to 3 days trek from Pokhara to Ghorepani. 

Hiking Trails, The Best Hiking Trails in the World, Phenomenal Place

W Circuit, Torres Del Paine NP, Chile

Easily one of the most famous hiking trails in the world is the W Circuit, Torres Del Paine National Park located in Chile. Your hikes are accompanied by astonishing views of jagged rock towers and stunning glacial lakes. Throughout the years it has gained popularity, the trails and the services have notable improvements. You can hire a porter for a more enjoyable hike and the trails are made to be more accessible compared to before. 

The hike within the national park usually lasts between 4 to 6 days and reservations for accommodations and campings are required. Remember, the weather in this area is unpredictable so it is best to come prepared. 

Hiking Trails, The Best Hiking Trails in the World, Phenomenal Place

Cinque Terre Hike, Italy

For easier hikes, we suggest the Cinque Terre Hike in Italy. Not only is it achievable by beginners, but it’s also a beautiful and scenic trail to start with. This is an easy trail between villages that sits on rugged seashore mountains and you get to hike side by side with the dazzling waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The ideal starting line of the Cinque Terre Hike is at the Monterosso and ends at Riomaggiore. Along the way, you can stop for some cappuccino and biscotti and even for a delicious lunch and afternoon espresso. With all these activities in between, added up the scenic views of Italy, we are sure that the hike is worth it! 

Hiking Trails, The Best Hiking Trails in the World, Phenomenal Place

West Coast Trail, Canada

The first maritime hike in the list is located along Vancouver Island’s wild Pacific Coast, the West Coast Trail in Canada. It is 75-kilometers long and would take 6 to 8 days to complete. Originally, it was used as a lifesaving trail for shipwrecks and their survivors. 

Hiking the West Coast Trail is truly an experience like no other. On the other side of the trail is a dense forest, while the other can be terrifying blue waters. If you are looking for an adventure that involves fast-flowing waters and climbing more than a hundred ladders, this trail might be the one for you! 

Do note though that you need to prepare for every kind of weather. While hiking through the West Coast Trail, you might be under extreme rain, wind, fog, and if luck is on your side, a good sunny day. 

Hiking Trails, The Best Hiking Trails in the World, Phenomenal Place

Tour du Mont Blanc, Europe

A luxurious hiking trail on the list has to be Tour du Mont Blanc located in Europe. This hike boasts a 170-kilometer trail that spans France, Switzerland, and Italy. The hike can be completed in 11 to 12 days. We ask you to not forget to take stunning photographs along the trail around Mont Blanc. 

The hike offers wide valleys, wide and impressive meadows, and rhododendron forests. You’ll also get a chance to stroll around beautiful Alpine villages. If you are planning for a more relaxed and casual hike, there are cable cars that’ll take you up and down to avoid exhausting ascents and descents. 

The trail also passes through Italy and France and between these are food stops that you’ll surely enjoy! The accommodations are generally safe and comfortable as well. Aside from that, the trail is well marked, which means it is easy to know your way around. 

Hiking Trails, The Best Hiking Trails in the World, Phenomenal Place

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