jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place

Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021)

Have you ever been into a jungle? If you haven’t, you probably have seen movies that are in the setting of a jungle. In this fast-paced era we have today, jungles are being neglected by most people.

That is because of the new buildings and roads being constructed that further expands a city. People have been so into technology that they forget there are still a lot of beautiful places that technology can never replace. One example would be the natural habitat of our wildlife, the jungles.

These jungles of forests are not only home to a lot of animal species but these also protect everyone in general. The world’s problem with global warming can be solved if we just keep our trees, and our jungles.

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place

 So, what really are jungles?

Jungles are land covered with dense forest and tangled vegetation. Jungles are usually in hot climates. These are inhabited landmasses. Our jungles house most of the planets known and unknown plant and animal species. These places or environments are worthy of admiration and most especially, protection. Our forests are endangered, they must be visited with care.

If you want to isolate yourself from civilization for a bit, these places could the ones you are looking for. The world has so much to offer. People cannot appreciate  what they have not seen. The jungles have been frontiers traversed by explorers for years, decades and even centuries.

Even though some jungles may be uncovered by adventure enthusiasts, much of what lies within our jungles remains undiscovered. You may want to add some of these places into your go-to buckets lists.

Are you ready to visit a jungle? Here are the top 10 most beautiful jungles in the world.

Amazon Rainforest

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place
Photo by telegraph.co.uk

When you say the word jungle, Amazon would be the first word another person can mention. Of course, this is one of the most well-known jungles in the world.

The Amazon Rainforest is alternatively termed as the Amazon Jungle. The jungle spread into nine countries of South America, prevalently in Brazil. This is the world’s largest tropical rainforest. The jungle is famed for its beauty and biodiversity.

There are almost 400 billion trees in the Amazon, which would mean that the Amazon really is huge. It is also home to over 10,000 species, and there are a lot to still discover. The jungle produces over 20% of our oxygen.

It’s often referred to as the “lungs of the Earth”. Aside from this, its beauty is jaw-dropping.

In 2019, the whole world was shocked when the news came that the Amazon jungle is burning. A lot of plant and animal species were eaten by the flames.

Now, Amazon is slowly recovering. It could take years, decades or more. But since it’s slowly healing, that is already progress. The Amazon has remained largely impenetrable, many Native tribes still live deep in the forest.

We have to thanks our indigenous people for that because they are the biggest contributor to Amazon’s recovery. Amazon will fully recover and its majestic beauty will remain and even become more beautiful than it ever did.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place
Photo by news.mongabay.com

The Sinharaja Forest Reserve is found in Sri Lanka. The word “Sinharaja” translates to “Lion Kingdom”.

This jungle has a distinct aura of an enigma, it’s also very intriguing.  Definitely a very Jungle Book-inspired destination. Sinharaja Forest Reserve has ancient structures throughout and the tropical flora and fauna. Entering the forest would really be breathtaking.

The jungle may lack in size, but it makes up in biodiversity and untouched wilderness. It is very difficult to access the jungle’s terrains, that is why it’s been spared from over-logging.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve provides its bordering villages with tourism and fertile soils. More than half of the jungle’s trees are considered rare. You can only imagine its beauty.

It is also home to a variety of rare native animals such as the green pit viper and hump-nosed vipers. The Sinharaja Forest Reserve is indeed a remarkable remnant rainforest, one of the best-preserved lowland tropical rainforests. This could be the next destination you might want to discover.

Daintree Rainforest

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place
Photo by jcu.edu.au

Located in Queensland, Australia, this jungle is the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. The forest is named after Richard Daintree. It is famously known as the place where ‘the rainforest meets the Reef’.

For the two World Heritage sites join side-by-side: The Daintree National Park and The Great Barrier Reef. The jungle is estimated to date back over 180 million years, indeed the oldest. Hence, you can find some pretty historic plants in the jungle. But it is more than just old and prehistoric plants.

Within the borders of Daintree Rainforest are gorgeous white sand beaches and an array of insects, birds, reptiles and mammals. You will also find one of the world’s most dangerous birds, the cassowary in this forest.

There are many walking tracks throughout, you can even drive around, so you can really explore the beauty of the forest. While exploring the towns, you can even stop at amazing butterfly sanctuaries.

The beautiful landscape offers nature-lovers deep gorges, swift-flowing streams and waterfalls. The dense forest has soaring peaks in ancient mountain ranges. You will really love this jungle. Travel to Daintree Rainforest and have an Aussie-good time.

Tongass National Forest

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place
Photo by ktoo.org

Tongass National Forest is located at Alaska, United States. This is the largest national forest in the United States, having 17 million acres in total.

The Tongass National Forest is a land of ancient forests, towering mountains, and crisp glaciers. This forest is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The beautiful forest is home to many species of salmon, humpback and orca whales, otter and beavers.

Also, some of the largest populations of brown bears of the United States is found here.

It is not just home to rare and endangered species of fauna and flora; it is also a residence for many Alaskans as well. These people depend on the region’s resources to support their families, and that’s on a daily basis.

Live like the locals, be one with nature, travel to Alaska. It is really an incredible place for wildlife viewing. Do not worry because there are approximately 150 cabins available for rent with areas that are designated as bear-viewing areas.

Tick that box in your list and visit the Tongass National Forest.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place
Photo by kimkim.com

The Monteverde Cloud Forest can be found in Costa Rica. It is also termed as “the virgin forest”. The cloud forest covers more than 10,500 hectares.

This jungle is covered by tropical green vegetation with nearly 2,500 plant species. It also has 120 amphibian and reptilian species, thousands of insects, 400 varieties of birds, and 100 different mammals. It is packed with different plant and animal species.

Not just that, it also has natural rivers, medicinal herbs, streams & waterfalls.

Curious on why it is called a “cloud forest”? Because it appears at higher elevation, usually in mountainous regions. It is no doubt that Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest attract adventure and travel enthusiasts year-round for it is an interesting location.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest is indeed a sight to behold. It is one brilliant cloud forest. You might really want to visit the place because you can discover the clod forest from above. And that is from hanging bridges or through a zip lining tour. How amazing is that?

 Papua New Guinea Jungles

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place
Photo by flickr.com

Papua New Guinea is covered with tropical rainforests, and that’s 70% of the whole area. These jungles are home to hundreds of unique species.

These unique species include carnivorous mice and giant pigeons  You will also find kangaroos living in the wild and that is due to the country’s proximity to Australia. Different species of tree kangaroos can be found in the jungles. These kangaroos resemble monkeys for they can seemingly fly from tree to tree with incredible agility and accuracy. How fascinating.

But these animals are endangered because of habitat destruction and hunting. We must really be responsible enough to take good care of our animals and the jungles they live in.

The jungles of Papua New Guinea are home to the most diverse plant and animal species. It has dense mangrove trees, and it also hosts the largest number of orchid species on the planet.

It is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Venture through the area, discover how incredible it is.

Kinabalu National Park

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place
Photo by agoda.com

Kinabalu National Park is situated in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. It is also known as Taman Kinabalu. It covers an area of more than 750 square kilometers surrounding Mount Kinabalu.

This jungle is home to the proboscis monkey. It is also home to orangutans, orchids, pitcher plants and the epic and sickly-sweet smelling Rafflesias. Rafflesia is the world’s largest flower. Not only that, it also hosts a multitude of endemic animal species.

These animal species include the Kinabalu Giant Red Leech and Giant Earthworm.

Travelers who want to venture the area must be accompanied by a qualified guide. Kinabalu National Park is Malaysia’s first World Heritage site, attracting many visitors and climbers to the park.

It is considered as one of the most important biological sites in the world. You have to include this beautiful place to your next travel plans.

Kanha National Park

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place
Photo by lonelyplanet.com

Situated in India, Kanha National Park is a mix of landscapes. This is the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s famous novel ‘The Jungle Book’. It is also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve.

The elusive cats, the tigers, are the core of the place. The tigers are regularly seen roaming around the area. And these are not the only animals present in the place. The Kanha National Park also houses the rare Swamp Deer, the park basically saved these animals from extinction.

It also hosts Indian leopards, sloth bears and more. Aside from the animal species, the Kanha National Park is home to over a thousand species of flowering plants. An India ghost can also be found in the dense forest.

If you have already seen the jungle book, you might really want to travel to India see the Kanha National Park first-hand. The novel was truly an amazing piece.

Well, it’s inspired by truly amazing place, so what’s there to ask? Want to encounter a real-life royal Bengal tiger and not just some fictional character? You should really visit this majestic place.

Puerto Vallarta Jungle

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place
Photo by vacationvillasofmexico.com

This jungle is located in Mexico. There are a lot of wildlife species inhabiting the place. One of the few adorable animals is the spider monkey.

You would definitely want to trek the jungle and hear the call of a spider monkey. These animals are particularly loud. Spending a day in entrenched in plant and wildlife in Puerto Vallarta would be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have.

Puerto Vallarta has been selected by many films as their set. The place is totally a feast for the eyes because of the lush, overgrown jungle and the pristine beaches.

You must clear your calendar and book a flight to Mexico, because the beauty of the Puerto Vallarta jungle awaits you.

Harapan Rainforest

jungle, Top 10 Most Beautiful Jungles of the World (Updated 2021), Phenomenal Place
Photo by rspb.org.uk

The Harapan Rainforest can be found in Indonesia. It is also called, “The Forest of Hope”. The beautiful tropical stretch is one of the biodiversity hot-spots of the world.

Threatened wildlife species such as the Sumatran Tiger, Orangutan, Asian Elephant and Clouded Leopard inhabit the forest. Just like any other forests, this beauty experiences mistreatment such as logging and mining.

However, the good news is the locals are making huge efforts building it back to its health.

The forest is extremely biodiverse. It shelters around 300 different species of birds. It’s definitely heaven for the adventure enthusiasts. You can also travel through the area on a number of different adventures.

You can also trek the place. The amazing sites it offers will absolutely blow you away. Travel to Indonesia and explore the magnificent Harapan rainforest.

These are just 10 of the amazing and the most beautiful jungles in the world, there are still many to decipher and explore. The world truly is a beautiful place. Protect these just jungles and be as beautiful as these places that our own planet offered us.

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