Save Money While Traveling, Travel on a Tight Budget: Ways To Save Money While Traveling, Phenomenal Place

Travel on a Tight Budget: Ways To Save Money While Traveling

The common perception of traveling is expensive. Everywhere you go, there will always be a price to pay and for some of us, it seems like traveling to another country is just a faraway dream, especially when you are always on a tight budget. 

But what some fail to realize is this is not always the case. Sure, it’s impossible not to spend money. But you can actually travel to your dream country without breaking the bank and emptying your pockets. 

The tip is to travel smarter and here are some useful ways to save money while traveling!

Travel during the “off” season

Most countries in the world have “off” season or where there are is less tourism. People usually travel during a country’s best weather. This is also known as “peak” season and everything is expensive at this time. 

If you wish to travel without breaking the bank, pick an “off” season. Few people are traveling and everything is cheaper, including plane tickets! 

Another way to save bucks is by picking destinations that are cheaper than the others. There are some countries that are expensive to travel in, whether during off or peak seasons. Everything is just pricier than usual but there are also countries that are famous for being cheap to travel in.

Fly with strategy

There are flights that people don’t want to take. Flights that will take you 20+ hours to get to your destination, paired with an absurd amount of layovers. But do you know what these kinds of flights get you? Low-priced tickets. 

Many don’t like non-direct flights. There’s the hassle of always changing planes and not to mention, waiting for hours to no end at the airport. But if you traveling on a tight budget, this can be an option for you. 

Of course, you don’t have to spend all that time at the airport! If you are facing a 15-hour layover, why don’t try and explore the extra city for a bit? That’s an additional adventure for you! And you save money while traveling too!

Stay in one region

The idea of exploring your dream country in that one-week vacation you have seems like a very tempting idea. It’s go big or go home, right? But if you have this plan in mind, you are burning your money fast. 

What we recommend is before booking your flights, pick a few destinations, better if they are closer to one another, and spend more time there. 

Wanting to travel the whole country means booking different flights and accommodations and that means spending more! 

Save Money While Traveling, Travel on a Tight Budget: Ways To Save Money While Traveling, Phenomenal Place

Sleep cheap

We are not judging you for staying at a high-end hotel and enjoying their comfiest bed and room service. If you have the money to splurge, why not? But if you are on a tight budget, we recommend you discover the wonders of hostels. 

If you don’t mind sharing a room with fellow travelers, staying at hostels is a huge help in bringing down travel costs. You are killing two birds with one stone: save money while traveling and meet wonderful people, as well. 

If you are not comfortable with other guests in your private space, there are always local inns you can sleep in. You get a room with essentials, like a bed and a bathroom. Those are cheaper too if you prefer to be alone. 

Cook your own meals

The hostel you are staying at will have a communal kitchen so take advantage of this and cook your own meals instead of eating out. It’s a bit more effort but it does save money while traveling!

The locals know best so ask them where are the cheapest grocery stores around and shop there instead. Some grocery stores also have a discount section where food and items are marked down. These are usually products that need to be thrown out in a day or two, so to get rid of them, grocery stores will sell them significantly cheaper than their original price. 

Eat local

You can’t cook for the life of you or the place you are staying in doesn’t have cooking utilities. It’s a bummer but that doesn’t mean you are now burning your money on food alone. 

One way to thoroughly enjoy a country and save money all at the same time is to eat local. This means eating at family-run restaurants, where they serve authentic and delicious food at a very reasonable price. It helps you save money while traveling and you also get to taste real food while you are there.

Limit your drinking

A foreign beer! And you wonder how that’s supposed to taste like! But drinking will always cost you extra. If you are on a really tight budget, we recommend you forego drinking, and if that’s impossible, at least limit it and know how to drink. Take advantage of happy hours, booze in the supermarket, drink local beer, not imported ones, and don’t drink in restaurants, they always cost more. 

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