, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Traveling Necessities Guide

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Travelling for some may be a very hard thing to do and decide on.  Everything about it will depend on the amount of time and effort that you put into planning and deciding on the trip. It will also take a lot of courage and determination for a person to explore the world and experience the beauty that is offered by nature and man in many ways possible. But even though there are a lot of struggles in traveling, the new experience can be very fulfilling for people who seek challenges to test themselves and their own capabilities. Travelling can also make you enjoy the little things in life as you will learn to see a lot of things in a lot of different perspectives. It is also such a great challenge for yourself to go out of your comfort zone every once in a while and take on the beauty and wonders of nature and man that the world has to offer.

Travelling isn’t an easy thing to plan, take it from me. There are a lot of things that should be considered when you do so. A lot of things like flight plans, duration, and the right accommodations don’t happen to pop out somewhere and give you the answers that you need. You need to give ample time to think about it and not rush into your decisions. There are a lot of factors that can affect the decisions we make when we plan a vacation. Planning a vacation can actually help you minimize the troubles that may come up while you’re on a foreign land so make sure to plan wisely.

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Part of planning this whole trip involves packing your bags. It’s very important that you know what to bring and what not to bring to a certain place. Clearly, packing your bag is at the end of the list, when you’ve finished all the necessary requirements like documents and vaccines. Make sure to bring the right thing that is based on the place that you are going to. One good example is that you should bring shorts and sandos to a tropical place as it can get very hot. Bring your swimwear if you’re going to the beach. And always bring an extra pair of clothes just in case. Travel smart, save space, time and money. Here is a guide for you to know what you should and shouldn’t bring during your vacation.


Things you should prioritize to have  organization

Wallet and passport holder

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

You can’t go that far without these two. A good wallet is definitely a must for travelling. It must be tear-free and made with strong materials to ensure the safety of your money and cards. There are also other techniques and stuff built for your money’s safe keeping like a money belt. On the other hand, passport holders are a bonus as it protects your passport from normal wear and tear, and saves it from accidental liquid spills. It also stands as a tool for easy recognition when it is inside your luggage or bag. A quick reminder that it is inadvisable to keep your passport with you all the time, as it increases the chance of losing it which could really delay your plans. It is ideal to keep it either in a hotel room safe or in a suitcase with a secure travel lock.

First aid kit

Just like having health insurance, first aid kits come in handy for unexpected scrapes, sprains and some not-so-serious injuries. Knowing which things to include is important as you might need it for future use. These kits usually contain plasters/bandages (an absolute essential in first aid kit), gauze, crepe bandages (ACE or elastic bandages), surgical tape, small scissors, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, condoms, pain relief medication, loperamide tablets, antihistamine cream, and antibacterial creams. You might want to include some more especially when you have your own medications and allergies.

Day Backpack

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

You can’t carry your whole luggage with you to every destination in your itinerary so a backpack would be a good choice. Make sure to bring an unassuming backpack that would not reveal or draw attention to precious stuff like laptops or DSLR cameras. Invest in good quality bags as it will last longer than those that are made from cheap materials that could easily tear and would cause hassle along your trip. Size may vary depending on the things you are mostly likely to bring for your day-to-day activities.

Types of clothing that you need to bring


There are different types of shoes that you can pack for travel. A pair of sneakers or rubber shoes might be needed for all-day walking tours or working out. A pair of flats (specifically for women) or stylish shoes might be needed for special occasions, dinner dates or more casual days. And an easy slip-on pair of flip flops, sandals or slippers for the beach, shower or even when just staying inside. It is your choice to go extra when choosing for your shoes especially when you are a person who values style and fashion.

Different varieties of clothes

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Clothes that you need to bring will depend on your destinations’ weather conditions, culture (like wearing conservative clothes on holy temples and the likes), activities and other circumstances. Starting with comfortable airport outfits. Comfort plays a big role when taking long-haul flights. Travel clothes that won’t slow you down and are easy to take off or put on are better than loud and luxurious outfits that shout attention but are quite uncomfortable to wear. Unless you’re a superstar who is required to do so. Pack wrinkle-resistant clothes and a few good outfits that match your daily planned activities. Here’s a list of travel clothes you might want to add to your list:

  • Jacket or blazer. This piece of clothing comes in handy especially when the weather’s kinda chilly or may also work as a classy add-ons to your casual attire.
  • A scarf. It’s stylish which could give your outfit an upgrade and it doesn’t take too much space as well.
  • Tshirts and tops. A casual attire for a normal day.
  • Trousers. Compared to shorts or skirts, this can protect your legs from having contact with germs on airport and seats.
  • Socks, especially compression socks, helps to simulate blood circulation even when seated for long periods of time.
  • Undergarments is self explanatory. Don’t forget those.

Essential Gadgets to bring

International Travel Adapter

This can be essential depending on your travel destination. Keep your gadgets full charged even when abroad with an adapter that connects with all possible outlets worldwide.

Multi USB charger

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Not enough power outlets to charge all your devices? A multi-USB charger can be the solution for that. It can also be shared within groups as some hotel rooms just don’t have enough power outlets for all your stuff that needs charging.


Though rumors are spreading about people of the earth colonizing Mars as a new habitat, creators of phones still refuse to create phones, cameras, laptops and other devices with batteries that last for days. Some of the batteries even drain faster when used resulting to almost everyone of us needing extra power while on the road. Investing on a 10,000mAh or higher is a great deal than buying cheaper ones that would not last long.

Other essentials for health care

Hand sanitizer gel/ alcohol

With the new normal that’s been happening nowadays, these tools have been a part of our everyday lives. You may not notice all kinds of stuff you have been touching all day could contain germs and bacteria that could lead to food poisoning and in worst case scenarios, a very dangerous disease. Secure yourself from future complications and do sanitize your hands as a habit.


, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Wearing a mask is now a worldwide trend, not just for fashion but also for safety. A lot of things are now happening around us and it is better to be safe than sorry. There’s a lot of diseases that you may encounter while on the road, along with smoke and other scents that could affect your health. That is why bringing one is equally important with bringing sanitizers and alcohols. Masks should not be complicated. 100 percent cotton masks are perfect and it isn’t likely to irritate your skin. Bandanas will do the trick as well. Stay safe.

Water Purifier bottle or Reusable water bottle

60 percent of our body is made up of water that’s why we need to keep ourselves hydrated throughout the trip. Avoid spending money on plastic water bottles and bring a reusable one instead. You have saved some money and you have also helped decrease the plastic wastes

Skincare products

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Even when miles away from your comfort zone, vacation is still no excuse to skip your skin care routine. Keep your skin fresh looking and always prepared for good photographs with skin care products. You may bring sunblock and other products that suit well with your skin to avoid break-outs and flare-ups from trying to cope up with new climates and tiring flights. If you are scared of it spilling out in your luggage, secure them in leakproof travel bottles which you can label per use. Using packing cubes for proper organization is helpful as well.

Essentials for documentation or for making memories (Photo & Video)

Digital Camera

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Smartphone cameras have been credibly upgrading every year that it may beat digital cameras one day, as it is more lightweight and user-friendly. But that day has not come yet. Saving up for an extra camera is a good investment if you are into photography and is aiming for top-notch pictures for your instagram feed and other social media platforms.

Since travelling size does matter, choose something compact and light which you can easily carry from one place to another. If you are worrying about it being pricey and all, there are budget cameras that could offer great specs as well.

GoPro Camera

GoPro camera isn’t only for athletes showing off their skills, it’s for everybody. It’s the true example of small but incredible because its versatility and creative potential is on the highest level. Expect less shaky videos for your vacation galore. Capture great moments with this tiny tool that covers a lot of activities like zip lining, surfing, filming big attractions, and a lot of videos filled with memories.

Travel journal and pen

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

If you are into writing your travels and experiences, this one is perfect for you. Here, you can also write checklists, schedules and other stuff which is significant for your journey. You can be creative when creating one of these or can also keep it simple depending on your taste. Start by choosing the right notebook that you’ll love to write on. Next is adding art to it. Some love to doodle on it while some wanted to make it as colorful as possible. Some express their emotions through painting on it or doing some calligraphy with colorful markers. Any style would be acceptable, don’t worry and just enjoy writing.

Things that will give Comfort

Microfiber Towel

Sad to say, plenty of accommodations, especially in Asia, may not provide bathing towels or may put it as an extra charge. Bringing a microfiber towel is a good idea as it does not occupy too much space and it dries quickly. You can use it as a blanket for additional comfort as well.

Ear Plugs

Save your ears from in-flight ear pressure due to the changes in altitude. Ear plugs will help you escape from a loud surrounding and earn that peaceful rest while waiting to arrive in your destination.

Noise-cancelling headphones

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Want to chill on some good music while on flight? These headphones work the trick especially in loud environments like a plane or a train. Just be careful in using this especially when crossing streets as you need to be aware of your surroundings during this incident.

Travel pillow

Give that stressed neck the comfort it deserves. Nobody wants a stiff neck upon arriving at your destination, right? Then, having a travel pillow must be on your top list when talking about airplane essentials. It is also great for other sorts of travel like train, buses and car rides.

Weather-dependent items

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Items like umbrellas or raincoats are needed for the unexpected changes in weather conditions. Whether it be sunny, raining or snowing, these things must be in your bag at all times.

Toiletry bag

Don’t forget your toiletries as you go if you don’t want to end up feeling sticky or uncomfortable. Place it safely in one small bag where you can easily access or bring it with you in the shower or in any place where you’ll need to wash yourself.

For Safety purposes (optional)

Additional safety measures can be done by bringing a few things like padlocks and security cameras that allow you to monitor any movement in your things while you’re away.


There are things that are not allowed in airports that you may not be aware of. Different airports may vary on rules but you must know generally which applies for almost all of them to avoid delays in your flight. Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t bring in an airport:

Items allowed in carry-on


, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

Some may allow conventional cigarette lighters like BIC lighters and other disposable lighters as well as Zippo lighters but some just don’t allow it at all.

Too much liquid and gels

You have a liquid and gels limit so might as well keep things like your toothpaste, perfumes, deodorant and the likes in containers which should not exceed 100ml and must all fit in a plastic bag, no bigger than 1 liter.

  • Medication
  • Baby food and equipment
  • E-cigarettes, vaping devices

Items that are NOT allowed in your carry-on and should be packed in checked luggage:

  • Self defense items like guns

These things are prohibited as it may cause a lot of harm to the other people on the same flight as you are.

  • Sporting goods like hockey or golf clubs

These things are also prohibited to be carried around during your flight as it can cause harm to the other people in your flight.

  • Sharp objects like straight razors

Though tweezers, razors and scissors are allowed on planes, straight razors are forbidden as they could be used as potential weapons. In addition, your scissors’ edges should be less than 12 cm long.

  • Alcoholic beverages

Items NOT allowed in carry-on or checked luggage:

Leave these at home!

, Traveling Necessities Guide, Phenomenal Place

  • Flammable items (Paints, fuels, gasoline, lighter fluid, being highly flammable, are not allowed on board)
  • Chemicals like bleach
  • Explosive items
  • Alcohol (over 70%)

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