Puerto Vallarta Jungle, Puerto Vallarta Jungle: Must-Know Information and Guide, Phenomenal Place

Puerto Vallarta Jungle: Must-Know Information and Guide

Puerto Vallarta Jungle is a majestic forest nestled in the country of Mexico. Located within the Banderas Bay, it has a climate which makes it a habitable paradise for all kinds of indigenous animals, may it be airborne, or in the water. It safeguards a great number of species and is considered an essential habitat in America.

Growing next to the edge of the Pacific Ocean, it is completely shielded by thick green trees. This outstanding jungle provides a home for mammals, reptiles, insects, four hundred bird species, and three hundred orchid species. The most common species you’ll discover in the jungle are the capomo, the habillo, the trompera, and other various species of Ficus and Bursera along with beautiful oil coconut trees. 

Puerto Vallarta Jungle, Puerto Vallarta Jungle: Must-Know Information and Guide, Phenomenal Place

Numerous dolphin species are also inhabiting the Bay of Banderas, including the bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, and spinner dolphins. Other species that are also seen in the area during the winter season are the majestic humpback whales. 

Its tropical weather is crucial in providing sustainable biodiversity, as well as ample rain and sun that gives sources of nutrients to the different inhabitants of the jungle. 

History of Puerto Vallarta Jungle

An entrepreneur and trader from Cihuatlan named Guadalupe Sanchez established an outpost on the banks of the Cuale River that began in the Sierra and flows to an old town Puerto Vallarta back in the year 1851. 

The place was known as ‘Las Penas de Santa Maria de Guadalupe’, in honor of Sanchez between the years 1851 and 1918. The locals requested their government to become a municipality and changed the name to Puerto Vallarta in honor of the esteemed Jalisco Governor Don Ignacio L. Vallarta back in 1911. The State Congress proclaimed the formation of the municipality on May 1, 1918. 

A Hollywood director by the name of John Huston was looking for locations to film the movie The Night of the Iguana back in 1963. Puerta Vallarta and its isolated jungle area came to his attention. With its alluring and beautiful beaches, it was made as a backdrop for the movie. The film did not just showcase the stunning beauty of the place, it has even put Puerto Vallarta on the map for it attracted a great number of curious audiences from the movie. It’s been an attraction since then. 

It brought investments for hotels and airports to provide shelter and easy access to the mysterious jungle. There was an enormous upgrade to the place back in the ‘70s and agriculture and fishing took second place as tourism became the main source of income for the locals. 

Nowadays, more than four million people are heading their way to this majestic paradise of a jungle every year. The majority of the travelers visiting the place are from the United States and Canada, especially when the mentioned countries are deep in the winter season. 

Puerto Vallarta Jungle Transportation and Activities 

The most common mode of transportation to the Puerto Vallarta Jungle is by booking a tour package. They provide all the necessary details and you would not worry about where or what to do next.

Aside from that, another hassle-free option would be via a cruise. You can book your desired schedule from a travelling agency and choose your type of package that will fit your budget and time. They have their own airport so people coming from all around the world are welcomed. 

Puerto Vallarta Jungle, Puerto Vallarta Jungle: Must-Know Information and Guide, Phenomenal Place

Puerto Vallarta takes great pride in the variety of activities that they have to offer, they provide for every type of adventurer that is planning to explore the place. The beautiful white-sand beaches, sunny weather, and unique creatures living in the jungle are waiting for you to enjoy. 

An outdoor adventure like zip-lining and speed boating are great ways to explore the place. With its thrilling 6.5 hours of outdoor adventure, your appetite for crazy adventure will be surely sated. Riding on the super-fast speedboat will get your heart rate running, as will flying over the treetops of the jungle when going zip-lining which will also provide a great way to get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful jungle. 

Another great activity that will have your heart jumping is to walk suspended on rope bridges hanging high above the jungle

If you prefer to explore the area on land then an ATV for rest is available for you to drive through the forest. But if you are a water-lover, going scuba diving just might be the one. 

A more budget-friendly activity would be hiking through the beautiful jungle. Walking during the early morning or afternoon gives you the best view of the forest so make sure to schedule a walk during those hours. 

For a smooth and hassle-free trip, planning ahead of schedule is essential. Securing your important travel documents and always bring essentials that will protect you during your vacation. Make sure you are hydrated during your hikes by bringing your own water bottle. Travelling by group is always the smartest move in navigating through the place and of course, don’t forget to take pictures as memories with you. 

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